Ms. Travel Chic: What's in my Bag? My Chic Travel Essentials

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's in my Bag? My Chic Travel Essentials

I’m on the road or in the air quite often for both work and personal trips. 

Whether it’s a road trip, quick overnight stay or weeklong vacation, I have a few go to travel essentials that are a “MUST PACK” on my checklist

…and of course they are chic and stylish!

1) Coach Duffel Bag
I love my Coach duffel bag! I was able to get a great deal on my bag at the Coach Factory Outlet store 3 years ago. (Mine is larger than the picture above) It’s my go to carry on bag for week long trips and my main bag for overnight stays and 2 day business trips. If I don’t pack it to heavy I am able to carry it like a tote on my arm, but I also have a long strap that allows you to sling it over your shoulder.
New styles are available at or find your closest outlet store to get a deal on an “older model”:-)

2)Passport case
I generally don’t carry my regular purse when I travel. I like to keep it simple and small. I love this passport case to store all my I.D., credit cards, travel reward cards, money and boarding passes. Even if you are not traveling internationally it’s good to just replace your regular wallet. or find your closest outlet store

3)Mophie charger
There is nothing worse than running out of juice on your cell phone! This Mophie Juice Pack is an extended battery and case all in one! LOVE IT! You charge the Mophie Juice Pack and slide it on your phone as a case. When your battery starts running low, you just flip a switch on the Mophie case and the charge kicks in. It is a very bulky case but it beats having to tote your charger around searching for plug outlets! or from your mobile provider


When I am traveling for work I am usually in my car most of the day or sitting in airports for hours. It’s important for me to be able to talk on the phone “hands free”! Safety first! The Bluetooth also allows me to multitask: I can pack up, check out the hotel room and make my Starbucks run without fooling with my phone or wired earphones. This is the only way that I can talk on the phone now. Seriously!
Check your mobile providers website for best deals on bluetooths and accessory packages

5)Mary Kay Skin Care Travel Set

For most women packing cosmetics and toiletries is the biggest pain in the neck! With the 3-1-1 TSA rules, you either end up having to pack full size bottles and check your luggage or squeeze your products into travel containers every trip.  For my skin care routine I’m grateful to have this awesome travel size set! All products are between .5 oz and 2 oz.  and includes cleanser, moisturizer and day/night solutions.  I can easily throw these in my quart sized travel bag and leave my full size bottles at home! P.S. I am also a beauty consultant so you can purchase from me :-)

6)Viva La Juicy Rollerball
You want to smell good while you are on your trip but you simply can’t fit your perfume in your carry on, right? I love these rollerballs! They are the size of a lipgloss and most popular perfumes have these sizes available. My favorite scent is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.
Sephora and Ulta Cosmetics have a variety of scents.

What are your travel essentials?


  1. My neighbor has the coach duffle bag and I totally love it. I am going to purchase one soon. I have and love my passport care. It helps me to stay organized and keep up with my little blue book.

    1. I had eyed it for a while and got lucky to get it 50% off at the Factory Outlet! Picked up the passport case on that same trip!

  2. I need #3 and #4 I have but never use! Shame on me!