Ms. Travel Chic: March 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Travel Smart Tips: Staying productive while you #travel

Delayed flight and stuck at an airport for 5 hours?
Bored in a hotel room alone?
Can't sleep on an airplane?     


The delays and downtime of traveling can be annoying but can also be an advantage. 

Check out these three quick tips to remain productive while you travel:

1. Catch up on reading - When you are delayed at an airport for hours or sitting in a hotel room you have to find something to do to avoid boredom! Getting a chance to catch up on reading is becoming my favorite part of traveling. When you are home and caught up in the daily tasks of work, family and managing life, the simple pleasures such as the joy of reading can take a backseat. Instead of playing on social media while you sit at the airport you can use this time to read the latest edition of your favorite magazine or book your friend keeps recommending. 

Here are two books that I read on my most recent trip to Florida. Both are great personal and professional development books that I recommend:)

 31 Amazing Life Lessons by Mel Roberson and You Lost Me at Hello by Donna Smith Bellinger      

*Smarter Tip: Be even more productive by listening to an audiobook. The Audible  app is my new best friend! My latest download? The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness by LaLa Anthony

2. Clean up email - Like most people my email inbox is always insane! Between personal, work, blogging and event planning I have 6 email accounts that I am trying to manage on a daily basis. I'm always overwhelmed trying to sift through unwanted newsletters, coupons and invites. So when I'm sitting at an airport gate or in-flight I use this time to clean out my emails. Make the most use of this down time by getting organized. Trust me you will feel accomplished when the unread items in your email read: ZERO :-)

*Smarter Tip: Don't connect to Wi-Fi. Delete emails from your tablet or Outlook mailbox in the offline mode to avoid the distraction of incoming mail.

3. Clear out clutter - Similar to my email I also find my purse, wallet, work/travel bag, notebook also cluttered and unorganized. During the downtime you have during travel it's a good time to start cleaning this stuff out. Sometimes I will sit in the hotel and go through all my receipts and random papers in my purse and clear them out. 
Just dump everything out on the bed and go for it! 

How do you stay productive while you travel?
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