Ms. Travel Chic: June 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 3 Perks of Business Travel

In my career as a Midwest territory sales manager, I spent 70% of my time traveling for conferences and client meetings. Business travel can be exciting, when you have a four day conference in Vegas but can be exhausting when you end up on a plant tour in the “middle of nowhere” South Dakota. After six years in the sales world along the way I discovered there are personal perks to be gained that can work to your advantage.

Here are three tips to help you turn business travel into a “company paid” getaway:

1.     Loyalty Points
Make sure you are signed up for every loyalty program available via airlines, hotels and rental cars.

The best way to make this work for you is to consistently book with a preferred partner.  When I travel for work 90% of the time I fly American, rent from National Rental Car and stay at Hilton branded hotels. This is to ensure I maximize my earning potential on points, credits and miles. While these expenses are charged to your corporate account your loyalty points belong to YOU! Unless stipulated in your company travel policy they do NOT have to be used for business travel.

If you use your own personal card for expenses reimbursed at a later date, make sure that card is earning you some points too! Switch to a credit card associated with your preferred airline or hotel partner so all charges will be converted to points/miles!
My current loyalty perks annually earn me: 2 FREE checked bags, priority boarding, automatic first class upgrades, average of 3 free rental car days, two free hotel stays and enough miles for at least 1 roundtrip ticket.

2.     Weekend Stays
Extend your business trip over the weekend